Marine Clean Windows, Not Just A Name

Hi, I’m Jack Baker, former Marine, and owner of Marine Clean Windows.  Since 2008, Marine Clean Windows has been providing window cleaning in Tucson and many surrounding areas.  One thing I know for sure is that I’ve never had a customer who was unhappy after having their windows cleaned.  As a matter of fact, it’s downright refreshing and uplifting when everything is clear and shiny with no cobwebs or dust to hinder the appearance of your home.  The happiness window cleaning brings does not just stop with your home.  For example, perhaps you’ve enjoyed a meal at a restaurant known for its views.  While it may not be a part of anyone’s thoughts, a window cleaner was part of the reason that restaurant’s customers had such an enjoyable and happy experience.  I’m sure those of you reading this would agree that the customer experience would not have been the same if those windows were filthy.  When windows are filthy to look at and look through, the last emotion prompted is happiness.  This may lead some homeowners to take drastic measures like spraying their windows with a hose.  Not only can this lead to hard water issues on the window itself, it only provides temporary satisfaction and they’re right back to being unhappy.  If you haven’t experienced the happiness that window cleaning can produce, this may be what’s been missing in your life.  Marine Clean Windows is not just a business name, it’s the standard you should expect for your windows when in the pursuit of happiness.   If you haven’t experienced Marine Clean Windows, what are you waiting for?  If your windows aren’t Marine Clean, they’re not clean!


Jack Baker